The Green Berets

Cricket Tour

The Green Beret Tour

Every year since 2008, the Nantes Cricket Club has organised a week-long summer tour abroad.

This is an opportunity to compete against more experienced local teams.

On this occasion, all the players wear the famous green beret (even in matches!) to carry the colours of French cricket beyond the borders.

A change of scenery is guaranteed! Who can say better?


A city tour this year... as we put our cricket kits down in London! Our days consist of matches around the city and visits of the city when we have free time. For the Duchesses, a private training at the Lord's Cricket Ground, THE cricket stadium, nicknamed "The Home of Cricket".


Head to Plymouth and the surrounding area for the Nantes Cricket Club and the discovery of the beautiful county of Devon in the South West of England.


The NCC will be touring the city of Oxford, renowned for its prestigious universities, with a diversion to Bristol to attend a Women's Cricket World Cup match!


The Nantes Cricket Club travels with bats and green berets through Northern and Southern Ireland.


The NCC teams (men and women) braved the Scottish shower by travelling to Edinburgh, Scotland.


A men's team and a women's team will play on the Isle of Wight and in the South East of England. On the programme: numerous matches and a meeting with a professional team.


The women's team joined the tour to Jersey, Guernsey and Sark. First victory for the Duchess team.


The men's team and some of the Duchesses stop over in Kent (Canterbury, Sandwich)


Cardiff, twin city with Nantes, welcomes our team. 3 matches played in Cardiff, Cowbridge and Weston-super-Mare.


The team returns to the south of England and plays in Brighton.


The team chartered their own plane to fly across the Channel and land on the Isles of Scilly. The NCC won its first match.


The French berets take on London, Cambridge, Weston-Super-Mare.